Post Conference Technical Tour

When: Thursday 9th February 2016, 8am-5pm
Where: Rottnest Tour
Cost: $100

Enjoy a day at beautiful Rottnest Island. It is a tiny 19 square kilometres (7.3 square miles) in size, but it sure makes up for it with its amazing features. This sand island has the highest level of protection of its unique flora and fauna, growing three endemic tree species (most notably, the Rottnest Island Pine). Your visit to Rottnest Island will enable you to see energy efficiency and renewable energy in action on a picturesque island setting. The ageing diesel power station is progressively being replaced by wind turbines and most recently with 600kW of solar PV. Climate change has rendered the rainwater catchment for drinking water supply unviable and this was replaced by high energy reverse osmosis seawater desalination. Most recently to minimise this energy consumption wastewater treatment has been upgrade to MBR recycling for use in irrigation to displace the high energy drinking water quality previously used. In amongst these Wind Surfing Rottnest Islandsite visits you will also get to see a number of the islands beauty spots. Not to mention the lovely ocean cruise from Fremantle to the island and back. The island’s adorable Quokka only found in three places in the world is its most prized feature. With gorgeous crystal-water beaches, alluring landscapes, pink salt lakes, dramatic shipwrecks (and the accompanying sea life) and quaint island atmosphere, Rottnest Island is the ideal getaway with your peers after the WREC Conference. Ferry ticket and lunch is included in the price.